Parallel Session 2.4

Implementing the ‘Best Buys’ and Effective Interventions at City and Local Level: Showcasing Multisectoral Action

2 February 2019

10:30 - 12:30 hrs.

Room : TBC

Background :

This will be a practical session that will look at examples of best practice at the local level, including cities and local and municipal authorities and their applicability for other settings. Examples will be taken from government and non-State partners such as NGOs and the private sector. Case studies will focus on experience in implementing the WHO ‘Best Buys’ and effective interventions for the prevention and control of NCDs. The ‘Best buys’ are a set of effective interventions with cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) ≤ I$100 per DALY averted in LMICs. Effective interventions with CEA >I$100 per DALY averted in LMICs. The case studies will describe action across different sectors, incentives that are being used to scale up action, how impact is being measured and mechanisms of accountability. 

Objectives :

  • To highlight the role of local governments and their partners in preventing and controlling NCDs at the local level by implementing the ‘Best Buys’ and effective interventions.
  • To showcase examples of exemplary action on the ‘Best Buys’ and effective interventions at local level, understanding incentives for action, how impact is being measured and mechanisms of accountability.
  • To understand barriers for implementing the ‘Best Buys’ and effective interventions and ways of overcoming them.
  • To inspire others to scale up action on NCDs through the ‘Best Buys’ and effective interventions.


Judith Mackay

Senior Advisor, Tobacco Control, Policy, Advocacy and Communication

Vital Strategies



Keynote Speaker

Mary Bassett


Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights

United States of America


Analice Beron

Director of Health

Government of Montevideo


Francis Anthony Garcia


Balanga City


Liz Prosser

Healthy Early Years Manager

Healthy Early Years London at Greater London Authority

United Kingdom

Mohammed Adjei Sowah




Vishal Rao

Member of High Powered Committee on Tobacco Control

Government of Karnataka


Waarisa Fareed

Director of City Health, Strategic Policy Unit

Cape Town Area

South Africa

Wittaya Chadbunchachai


WHO collaborating center for road safety


Yasar Faisal Al Khitan

Business and Health Inspection Executive Director