Yasar Faisal Al Khitan

Business and Health Inspection Executive Director



Dr Yasar Al-Khitan, he is an Executive director of business and health inspection 2018, an employee in “Greater Amman Municipality "since 1999. He earned his B.A. in Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (BVMS) at Baghdad University 1998. He worked at Slaughterhouse department from 1999-2009, then moved to Health and Business Inspection Department (HBID) as Head of health control and business unit, then became a director of Slaughterhouse department 2017. He is a Council Member of “Jordanian Vet Association” since 2008 and till present time, Member of the “General Union of Arab veterinarians”, Founding member of “Specialist Association of Public Health of Jordan Veterinary Medical”, Member of “National Committee for Avian Influenza Control”, representative of Greater Amman Municipality 2005, Associate in local & abroad scientific veterinary medical conferences since 1999, He Conducted several training course for Health Inspectors and Veterinary about “Inspection of Red and White Meat” in the training center of Greater Amman Municipality , also he Conduct a training course in Dar Alkhalaf for Agricultural Studies & Consultations in KUWAIT about “Qualifying Vet & Slaughter Men in slaughterhouses for slaughtering preparations & Methods” / Kuwait April 2012.