The Prince Mahidol Award Conference is pleased to host Special Event Sessions

during Friday 1 - Saturday 2, February 2019.
The deadline for submission of the special event request is 30 September 2018.

Please consult the details below for smooth organization of your special event.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The special event is open to the conference partners (co-hosts, supporting institutes or contributors) and all participants.
  • Due to limited time slots, priority is given to the conference partners.
  • Interested organizations that are not the conference partners are eligible to apply for a Special Event only if they are invited to attend the Conference and their events are co-organized with the conference partners and the meeting subject/content is relevant to the conference theme of that year. The proposal submission has to be completed by the conference partners or the assigned responsible person through the PMAC website.
  • The special event with any commercial purposes will not be allowed.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Book / Journal / Bulletin Launch
  • Activity, Initiative, Project, Program Launch

Time Schedule for the special launch events

1. Dates/Times allotted for special events

    The Special Event will be arranged during Lunch and Coffee Break times. 15 minutes are allowed for each special launch event

Lunch Break / Afternoon Break
Morning Break / Lunch Break / Afternoon Break

Logistics responsible by organizers

  1. The Organizer fills in the online Special Event request form via the PMAC main website by 30 September 2018
  2. The Organizer will be able to submit the brief description, and presentation material (eg. powerpoint, video, e-book) through the PMAC website for conference PR material.

Logistics responsible by organizers

  1. Small stage, 50 audience chairs and visual and audio system will be set openly next to the exhibition area and coffee break area.
  2. The events will be announced in the conference program.
  3. A local staff and an AV staff to facilitate during the event.