Seng-Eun Choi

Senior Research Fellow

Korean Institute of Public Finance

Republic of Korea

Seng Eun Choi - Affiliation/ position: Director, the Center for Fiscal Studies on Social Policy/ Senior Research Fellow - Organization: Korea Institute of Public Finance - Major: Public Finance, Health Economics -Fields of Study: Tax and Fiscal Policy, Tobacco Taxation, Health Expenditure, Social Policy -Ph.D. in Economics, Syracuse University -MA in Economics, New York University -B.S., Seoul National University -Member of the Finance Committee, Korean National Health Insurance Corporation -Advisory Committee member on the National Health Promotion Fund, Ministry of Health and Welfare -Member of the Social Social Security Committee, Office for Government Policy Coordination, Prime Minister's Secretariat -Member of the National Basic Livelihood Committee, Ministry of Health and Welfare -Member of Board Directors, Korean Association of Public Finance

1 FEB, 2019 15:30-17-30 hrs. PS 1.4 Interrogating [fiscal/public] Policies and Politics