Site NO.3: Tobacco Cessation for Patients with NCDs by Physician Network

LOCATION : Paolo Private Hospital, Bangkok

Smoking is a major public health problem worldwide and a leading cause of preventable death. Smoking can cause lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardio- cerebrovascular diseases, social and economic problems and premature death. However, smoking cessation is difficult as evidenced by low smoking cessation success rates of 2-3%, without any intervention or aid. A tobacco survey in Thailand during 2008 - 2011 found 23% of the Thai population to be current smokers but only one-third of those smokers visited a health care provider regularly (Bureau of Tobacco Control, 2011). The smoking cessation program was attended by more patients, although the smoking cessation success rate was still low. This study visit will see how the Physician Network uses mechanisms to improve cessation rates and to determine other factors associated with successful smoking cessation in the patients to quit smoking.