Kelley Lee


Simon Fraser University


Kelley Lee is Canada Research Chair in Global Health Governance and Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University. She was previously Professor of Global Health Policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is a Fellow of the UK Faculty of Public Health and Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. Trained in international political economy and public administration, her research focuses on globalisation’s impacts on public health, and the need for collective action to address them. She has chaired the WHO Expert Group on Globalization, Trade and Health, and has served on several major initiatives to assess specific aspects of global health governance. She led international efforts to secure public access to a major collection of internal tobacco industry documents, alongside serving as PI on major projects to analyse these documents. Her current research is supporting Indigenous communities in Canada to develop culturally appropriate tobacco control strategies. Her research has been supported by NIH, CIHR, Wellcome Trust, Nuffield Trust, Rockefeller Foundation, European Research Council, UK Department for International Development, Cancer Research UK and WHO. She has published 120+ papers, 60+ book chapters and 14 books including Researching Corporations and Global Health Governance (2016) and Oxford Handbook of Global Health Politics (2019).