Karen Hofman



South Africa

Founding Director of PRICELESS (Priority Cost Effective Lessons for Systems Strengthening) SA at Wits School of Public Health, Professor Karen Hofman graduated from Wits University faculty of Health Sciences and is a qualified Paediatrician. She was on faculty at Johns Hopkins and was subsequently Director of Policy and Planning at the US NIH Fogarty Center. The mission of PRICELESS is to perform analyses that show policymakers where to expect a good return on investment for health. Significant PRICELESS research that will affect life expectancy in South Africa are regulations on the salt content of processed food in 2016 and legislation that was passed for a sugary beverage tax in 2018. An author of more than 100 journal manuscripts and chapters, Karen has been a member of several ministerial task teams and national health committees and regularly engages with the media. She also is a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), and on the executive committee of the Inter Academy Medical Panel AP for Health. In 2016, she received the Public Health Association of South Africa Annual Award.