Jane Badham

Managing Director

JB Consultancy

South Africa

Jane is a dietitian and nutritionist with a Masters degree in Nutrition. Jane has been running her own global health communication and strategy business, JB Consultancy, for 26 years. JB Consultancy focuses on advising development agencies, NGOs, and the food industry on issues pertaining to nutrition with a special focus on trends, food law, micronutrient malnutrition and maternal, infant and young child nutrition. JB Consultancy is well known for its skills in taking the evidence-based science of health and nutrition to diverse audiences and for its commitment to towards policy, practice and behaviour change, for ultimate improved health. Jane is also globally in demand as a strategy and meeting facilitator and has a passion for transformational leadership development. She is actively involved with the African Nutrition Leadership Programme.

1 FEB, 2019 15:30-17-30 hrs. PS 1.1 Addressing the Behavioural Determinants of NCDs: Empowering or Victim-Blaming?