Patricia Lambert

Director International Legal Consortium

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

United States of America

Patricia Lambert is a South African human rights lawyer and social justice advocate currently working as the Director of the International Legal Consortium (ILC) at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) in Washington, DC – part of the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use. In the past twelve years, the ILC has provided legal technical assistance to more than 90 countries. For ten years, during the Mandela and Mbeki administrations, Patricia worked as a legal adviser to the South African government on a range of human rights, international trade, environmental and health issues. She was appointed as the Chief Negotiator for the South African government for the negotiations that culminated in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the world’s first public health treaty, and became Africa’s representative on the Bureau that managed the treaty-making process. Beyond tobacco control, Patricia was a lead author on South Africa’s National Plan for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights; she advised the South African government during its historic legal battle with the multinational pharmaceutical industry over the country’s groundbreaking laws aimed at providing affordable medicines; and was appointed as South Africa’s Chief Negotiator for the revision of the WHO International Health Regulations. Patricia serves as an advisor to the Board of the African Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA). She is a past President of the International Network of Women Against Tobacco (INWAT) and has served on the Boards of the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) and Action on Smoking or Health (ASH-US).

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