PMAC 2019 World Art Contest Award Ceremony

Meeting Organizer

Prince Mahidol Award Conference

Contact Person : PMAC Secretariat,

31 January 2019
09:30 - 11:30 hrs.
Venue : Lotus Suite 1-4, FL. 22

Open to All Participants


Since 2007, the Prince Mahidol Award Conference has been organized as an annual international conference focusing on policy-related public health issues of global significance. The conference is hosted by the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation, the Royal Thai Government and other prestigious global partners.  The theme of the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2019 is centered around “NCDs or Noncommunicable Diseases”. The Prince Mahidol Award Conference believes that the creation of Art will introduce new perspectives of a successful world where all people live better, happy, healthy and equitably. Again this year, we gladly invite everyone to take part in the PMAC 2019 World Art Contest on the concept of the conference theme. Share your imagination and your creativity under the topic “Building Blocks of Healthy Lifestyle” through Drawings & Paintings and Photos. Healthy Choices  Reshaping your everyday lifestyle - having good and healthy food, doing more physical activities, staying away from smoking or drinking too much alcohol - is one of the best major choices in stopping NCDs. However, healthy choices do not only fall on personal determination. The environment surrounding us also affects our healthy choices.  Not everyone is able to make the best choices on healthy nutrition. It may be caused by economic obstacles. They may be attracted by commercials or influenced by culture. Not everyone lives in a healthy and safe environment. In many big cities, public space and green space (parks) which encourage physical activities are hard to find. Lastly, not everyone has access to basic health service and programs which may treat the diseases earlier.  Therefore, NCDs are more than just an individual well-being problem. It includes healthy public policy and healthy urban planning which will promote Healthy Lifestyle.


The PMAC 2019 World Art Contest believes that everyone is able to prevent NCDs and create a healthy lifestyle. Share your own imagination and creativity of a successful world where all People, Cities and our World live better, happy, healthy and equitably under the topic Building Blocks of Healthy Lifestyle through Drawing & Painting and Photo.