Working Together to Translate Words into Action: NCD Prevention, Treatment and Care

Meeting Organizer

Access Accelerated

Contact Person : Gwendoline Navarro,

30 January 2019
09:00 - 12:30 hrs.
Venue : Lotus Suite 10

Open to All Participants


The PMAC 2019 on “The Political Economy of NCDs: a Whole of Society Approach” provides a very valuable opportunity for Access Accelerated (AA) to bring together important stakeholders and partners to discuss practical opportunities for meaningful multisectoral collaboration to translate words into action at local and national levels. The timing of the PMAC 2019, coming directly after the NCD High-level meeting on NCDs is particularly important as developing countries are now working to translate the outcomes from the political declaration into local and national contexts. Access Accelerated is a meaningful partner in this important work at both global and national levels, particularly in Kenya and Ghana.


Access Accelerated (AA) is a biopharmaceutical industry led collaboration that seeks to reduce barriers to prevention, treatment and care for NCDs in lower- and middle-income countries through health systems strengthening and alignment with Universal Health Coverage (UHC) objectives. AA recognizes that only by putting the needs of people living with NCDs first and acting in collaboration with governments, civil society, multilaterals, NGOs and others can the global community make measurable and sustainable progress against NCDs in developing countries. Together, AA and IFPMA recognize an urgent need to better understand and take steps to address challenges to strengthening health systems for NCDs, particularly highlighting context specific needs and the perspectives of people living with NCDs in line with nationally identified priorities. However, a coordinated response – amongst and within sectors – is the only way to respond effectively and sustainably to the systemic challenges to NCD prevention, treatment and care. No single stakeholder can address NCDs alone and the biopharmaceutical industry seeks to be a meaningful and solutions-oriented partner to develop sustainable, appropriate and affordable solutions at global and local levels in the context of UHC. Now is the time for coordinated and collective action in the fight against NCDs to improve the lives of people.