Accelerating UHC Through Health Tech – Meet the Disruptors

Meeting Organizer

China Medical Board (CMB)

CMB Foundation

Contact Person : Kanokrat Thomthong,

29 January 2019
14:00 - 17:30 hrs.
Venue : Lotus Suite 7

Open to All Participants


Technology holds great potential to revolutionise healthcare. In particular, mobile communications technologies can allow health systems to project expertise to rural communities and miniaturised devices coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) and online platforms can enable sophisticated diagnostics to be offered at previously unimaginably low prices. These three technologies in converging may if adroitly harnessed enable healthcare professionals and health systems to greatly expand access to care and reduce the cost of care delivery, both of which will advance the UHC agenda considerably. But this potential has not been realised thus far. More than half the world's population still live without access to healthcare and between the richest and poorest countries, the health inequities remain stark. Considering a life cycle approach for NCDs from prevention through to screening and early detection, then to disease management including self-management and mitigation of complications, we can explore how technologies can be used in each of these phases to augment the work of healthcare professionals and community leaders.


a. Showcasing of EI fellows’ work and achievements in technology for health equity improvement b. Reinforce that technology needs to be leveraged to advance health equity and UHC c. Remind that addressing NCDs in smart ways is essential to UHC