NCD Prevention & Promotion including health Check up: value for Money in UHC

Meeting Organizer

National Health Security Office (NHSO), Thailand


Contact Person : Wilailuk Wisasa,

Open to All Participants


Universal Health Coverage (UHC ) and NCD Universal Health Coverage (UHC), identified as target SDG 3.8, is both the goal and means by itself. UHC is particularly crucial for the management of NCDs, nutrition and mental health, in particularly for health system responses. Not only screening, diagnosis and treatment, UHC also contributes to disease prevention and health promotion. Scaling up implementation of NCDs best buys interventions is therefore clearly part of the path towards UHC. NCDs, which include cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases, are the leading cause of death and a prominent cause of disability worldwide. Evidence confirms that majority of the health burden from NCDs are attributable from four major behavioral risks’ include, but not limited to, unhealthy diet, tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol and physical inactivity. Most of the risks are preventable. Champion NCD prevention and health promotion as core components of UHC packages: While the focus of UHC is often on ‘care’, provision of support and services to ensure strong primary prevention and public health services and inclusion of mental health care and services is essential to reduce healthcare costs At the PMAC 2019 Side Event, it is a good opportunity for sharing experience and progress so far on NCD prevention and health promotion as core components of UHC packages from countries in order to update and learn to together as well as to receives recommendation and suggestion from relevant International development partners and foundations to better understand the achievement of UHC and its challenges ahead and facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration n at the country, regional and global level with wider PMAC network and possibly beyond.


To review NCD prevention and health promotion as core components of UHC packages progress, challenges and potential collaboration to drive Universal Health Coverage (UHC) agenda in countries To discuss key recommendations for policy reform choices and implementation around Universal Health Coverage (UHC).